Many thanks to Seldom Sene for the fantastic Premiere of my African Suite No. 24 MATHONGO AMNANDI in Stockstadt on May 31, and to Clea Galhano (recorder) and Rene Izquierdo (guitar) for the Premiere of my Suite CADIZ in St. Paul on June 9! Now I am looking forward to my next Premieres: On August 24 the Tokyo Recorder Ensemble will play the Premiere of my Variations on a Russian Birthday Song at the Tokyo Recorder Festival on August 24. And on September 29 the Tokyo Recorder Orchestra will play the Premiere of REIWA, my African Suite No. 28. I will be there! Besides I am proud to announce that the new CD of iFlautisti DOUCE DAMES JOLIE contains my African Suite No.15 WAKATI NJEMA in a wonderful recording. The marvelous CD is available in every CD-shop, on Spotify and soon also on this homepage!

I wish to thank all the participants of my workshops this year in Fulda, Schaffhausen, Hamburg, and Seattle (first time USA!). My next workshops about my African Recorder Music will take place in 2020: On April 5 in Hamburg, on April 10 to 13 in Berlin, on May 9 - 10 in Fulda an on June 13 in Leipzig. I hope to see you there!

My scores as christmas present? If you order a score a CD on this site till December 18 you will receive a christmas present by me! Of course it is a surprise which present this is exactly. I wish you all a happy Christmas time!

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Sören Sieg (*1966) learned to play the recorder, violin and piano as a child and later the saxophone, trumpet, guitar and drums. He studied Sociology, Politics and Music in Hamburg and Bielefeld. He toured with his a cappella group LaLeLu for 18 years throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Since 2012 he has lived as a composer and author in Hamburg. He has published ten books and numerous works for classical ensembles that are played all around the world. read more »